Allison Guidette on Elite’s evolution

Tuesday 12th Feb 2013

Thomson Reuters Elite has been around for over 60 years, and has evolved dramatically in that time into the premier law firm financial and operations management technology company. In the video clip below, Allison Guidette, managing director of Large Law Firms at Thomson Reuters, talks about Elite acquisitions and the company’s evolution over the years, ...

Anthony Paonita from Corporate Counsel at LTNY

Thursday 7th Feb 2013

Anthony Paonita, editor in chief of Corporate Counsel, spoke with Legal Current at LegalTech New York. In this conversation, he shares what he’s been hearing from in-house counsel regarding their biggest concerns, including global compliance, BYOD and workflow challenges. He also shares what Corporate Counsel magazine will be focusing on in 2013.

Allison Guidette talks cloud-based solutions, Elite and trends in the legal industry

Thursday 7th Feb 2013

It’s a little known fact, but Thomson Reuters has 30 years running cloud-based applications –  with Westlaw. In the video clip below, Allison Guidette, managing director of Large Law Firms at Thomson Reuters, talks about why we are moving more of our capabilities into cloud-based solutions, as well as trends impacting large law firms and ...

Walter Isaacson talks innovation at LegalTech

Tuesday 5th Feb 2013

Last week, Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute and author of books on Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger and Steve Jobs, spoke on innovation and leadership to an invitation-only gathering of legal professionals at the Thomson Reuters headquarters at 3 Times Square. This event was part of the legal solutions launch at LegalTech, ...

Bob Schukai on mobile trends in the legal space

Tuesday 5th Feb 2013

Increasingly, lawyers and other legal professionals are migrating to mobile as a way to do business, and Thomson Reuters is reacting. In the video clip below, Bob Schukai, global head of Mobile Technology at Thomson Reuters, talks about how mobile is important to Thomson Reuters Legal’s transformation into a solutions business, as well as trends ...

Thomson Reuters acquires Practical Law Company

Tuesday 5th Feb 2013

Thomson Reuters recently acquired Practical Law Company. In the video clip below, Allison Guidette, managing director of Large Law Firms at Thomson Reuters, discusses the importance of this acquisition and what it means for the company. “Practical Law Company offers valuable know-how, practical tools and check lists – the types of resources lawyers need in ...

Kris Nimsger discusses hosted practice technology

Monday 4th Feb 2013

Thomson Reuters recently announced the launch of hosted practice technology, which is a comprehensive cloud-based suite of litigation solutions. This launch incorporates two core products for case analysis and ediscovery – Case Notebook and CaseLogistix – into a cloud deployment. Hosted practice technology provides the exact same capabilities and functionality as if the solution were ...

Monica Bay on hot topics at New York LegalTech

Friday 1st Feb 2013

What are hot topics from 2013 New York LegalTech? Monica Bay, editor-in-chief, Law Technology News, shares her insights on the trends and session topics, including mobility and big data, from the new American Lawyer Media studio at Legal Tech.

Concourse for government

Friday 1st Feb 2013

We’ve launched Concourse, but did you know there is a version just for government legal departments? In this fiscal environment, government agencies are struggling with how to manage their workloads and they don’t have the ability to hire more people. In the video clip below, Steve Rubley, managing director of the Government segment of Thomson ...

Karl Florida weighs in on Firm Central launch

Friday 1st Feb 2013

This week marks the launch of Firm Central, the only online practice management solution for solo and small firms that connects legal research, drafting, matters, contacts, calendar, and more. Firm Central was designed to be tightly targeted to what customers are saying they need. In the video clip below, Karl Florida, managing director of Small ...

Mike Suchsland on our transformation

Thursday 31st Jan 2013

This week marks an important milestone for the legal business of Thomson Reuters as we evolve from a content business to a true solutions organization. We are integrating our core legal information with software and solutions in a way that has a positive, and productive, effect on our customers’ workflow. In the video clip below, ...

Legal solutions from Thomson Reuters: New video debuts

Thursday 31st Jan 2013

Watch our new video, which provides a customer’s perspective on how our solutions can help legal professionals better practice, manage and thrive in today’s reality. Our customers are also seeing similar messaging in print and online ads and throughout the streets of New York during the LegalTech this week.

Eric Laughlin talks Concourse

Wednesday 30th Jan 2013

Yesterday, Thomson Reuters officially launched Concourse, a suite of software solutions built specifically for general counsel customers. Concourse connects what matters: people, tools and data. In the video clip below, Eric Laughlin, managing director of Corporate Counsel, talks about what this launch means for our corporate counsel customers, how Concourse is different than anything we’ve ...

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