This week marks the launch of Firm Central, the only online practice management solution for solo and small firms that connects legal research, drafting, matters, contacts, calendar, and more. Firm Central was designed to be tightly targeted to what customers are saying they need. In the video clip below, Karl Florida, managing director of Small Law Firms and Consumer, talks about Firm Central in the context of what small law firm customers need at the moment, as well as major trends in the small law firm space.

“Firm Central is all about connection. In the past, we focused on automating specific tasks that might be part of the litigation workflow, for example. But Firm Central really connects all of the people, information and tools that are required to support the whole practice of law workflow for firms. It helps them manage some aspects of their practice, as well.” Florida goes on to say that Firm Central was designed from the ground up for the needs of small firms as opposed to the general legal market, and it was designed to be hosted, mobile and simple to use.

In addition, Florida talks about some of the technology trends in the legal marketplace and how Thomson Reuters is taking advantage of those trends. “Technology trends are really helpful here; the advent of the cloud, so solutions can be delivered in a hosted manner. Mobility is another technology trend that provides opportunity for small law firms. Devices have proliferated, devices are connected, devices are finally inexpensive enough and easy enough to use and administer that small law firms can really take advantage of them.”

Finally, Florida talks about the emerging area of video consultation and how he envisions small law firms capitalizing on this growing trend.

Watch the full video below.

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