Increasingly, lawyers and other legal professionals are migrating to mobile as a way to do business, and Thomson Reuters is reacting. In the video clip below, Bob Schukai, global head of Mobile Technology at Thomson Reuters, talks about how mobile is important to Thomson Reuters Legal’s transformation into a solutions business, as well as trends in how legal professionals are using mobile.

“Mobile is a tremendously huge, important player in our transformation in the legal space,” said Schukai. “The products we’ve had previously have been very good products, but they’ve been particularly point-based solutions, serving one particular need. What you see in the portfolio of products we have today is this transformation that is much more focused on workflow.” He goes on to explain that in designing for mobile, there is a much smaller space to work with. This has forced us to be much more disciplined about the types of features, content and services we provide, which has resulted in a sharper focus on what the customer needs.

When talking about mobile trends in the legal space, Schukai sees a huge trend in a much more transitory environment of work from the desktop to the mobile device. “Clearly the iPad has been as tremendous driver of that activity,” he said. “People are taking their iPads and using them at bedtime, around meals, first thing in the morning. It really allows people to become much more productive on a much more personal device.” As a result, “we are changing our mind-set,” he declared. ” The iPad is the most important product in the enterprise space — it is setting the benchmark.”

Watch the full video below.

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