We’ve launched Concourse, but did you know there is a version just for government legal departments?

In this fiscal environment, government agencies are struggling with how to manage their workloads and they don’t have the ability to hire more people. In the video clip below, Steve Rubley, managing director of the Government segment of Thomson Reuters, talks about how these agencies are looking to do more with less, and how Concourse can help.

“When we talked to over 1,000 end users in the government law department community, a lot of them were using manila folders to try and track their matters and their daily workflow was just not efficient,” said Rubley. “The beautiful thing about Concourse is it allows them to very simply create matters and create them in a  secure environment without using paper files and folders.”

Rubley went on to say that Concourse for Government also allows for the integration of tools that are used on a daily basis, such as WestlawNext and Outlook. And mobility is key. “Instead of bringing thumb drives home, which are not secure, they can use their mobile devices to access matters securely from home or wherever they are,” said Rubley.

“These agencies are struggling at the local, state and federal level, and we need to be seen as partners to help them through this struggle,” continued Rubley. “This tool gives them the ability to cost-effectively handle more caseloads and work smarter with existing tools.”

Watch the full video below.

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