Yesterday, Thomson Reuters officially launched Concourse, a suite of software solutions built specifically for general counsel customers. Concourse connects what matters: people, tools and data. In the video clip below, Eric Laughlin, managing director of Corporate Counsel, talks about what this launch means for our corporate counsel customers, how Concourse is different than anything we’ve launched before, and how the tool facilitates connections with colleagues, work products and outside counsel.

“When we talked to our customers, they complained a lot about the status of legal technology,” says Laughlin. “Lots of vendors come to them with niche workflow solutions that only treat one part of the problem, and they are not able to integrate that solution with anything else they are working with. They come to them with expensive solutions. And they come to them with technology that looks like it was built in the 90s, not in the iPad, iPod, iPhone era.”

He goes on to explain that Concourse addresses those issues by integrating legal technology so that no matter what the customer is using, it works across that system with their whole team. Concourse is sold in a way that’s modular and affordable for any legal department. And lastly, it actually has a pleasing user experience, according to Laughlin.

Watch the full video clip below.

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