This week marks an important milestone for the legal business of Thomson Reuters as we evolve from a content business to a true solutions organization. We are integrating our core legal information with software and solutions in a way that has a positive, and productive, effect on our customers’ workflow. In the video clip below, Mike Suchsland, president of Legal at Thomson Reuters, discusses what this means for our customers, how this new transformation is tied to our heritage, and how our new products will help our customers work smarter.

Over the past several years, the economy has been tough on customers, which translates into the need for greater efficiency and greater effectiveness, according to Suchsland. Thomson Reuters has in turn developed best-in-class point solutions that serve our customers. “The challenge now is to meet our customer needs for greater efficiency and greater effectiveness by bringing all these point solutions together in integrated solutions that holistically serve those needs.”

Suchsland also talks about how we have been a leader for over 100 years in the legal space, and that leadership came from our publishing heritage and the unique content we provide. This will continue to be core to the transformation of our business. “As we go forward, we have to leverage that legacy, but connect it more and more into our other software solutions in order to provide the best overall solution for our customers,” he says.

“Legal information is at the heart of what we do, but we are going to evolve that to make the matter and the customer the heart of what we do,” continued Suchsland. “The benefit for the customer is that they don’t have to enter data twice and their data is available anytime, anywhere…It eliminates all kinds of work on the customer side. They don’t lose files, they don’t have to do data entry over and over again, and people that are remote can connect to each other in the same way that we connect our information together. It’s a unique solution for a unique legal environment.”

Watch the full video below.

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