Elite Vantage EMEA 2016 User Conference

Monday 26th Sep 2016

The Elite Vantage EMEA 2016 User Conference is underway in London. The two-day conference brings together Thomson Reuters Elite users from across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Elizabet Hardy, Vice President of Product Management and Eric Sugden, Chief Technology Officer discuss what will take place at Vantage, including the release of Elite 3E version ...

Knowledge Management as a Competitive Advantage, “KM with Kim” ILTACON Wrap-up

Tuesday 13th Sep 2016

In discussions with firms at ILTACON 2016, one thing stands out in the world of knowledge management: in an era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, knowledge management can help firms gain a competitive advantage. In this post-ILTA wrap-up edition of “KM with Kim,” Kim Stein, national manager of knowledge management for Thomson Reuters, shares ...

Where is Knowledge Management Headed? KM with Kim, episode 3

Thursday 1st Sep 2016

Where is Knowledge Management headed?  How will AI and Big Data impact Knowledge Management? In this edition of “KM with Kim,” Kim Stein, national KM manager for Thomson Reuters explores the future of Knowledge Management. A white paper on “Knowledge Management Software Has Come of Age” can be downloaded here: http://blog.legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/law-and-techology/knowledge-management-software-has-come-of-age-now-what/

Connecting with Elite Customers at ILTACON 2016

Wednesday 31st Aug 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite has been engaging its customer base to glean input and feedback to help improve its products. Elizabet Hardy, vice president, product management at Elite, discusses what Elite is hearing from its customers through ILTACON and other customer engagements.

Increasing KM User Engagement – KM with Kim, episode 2

Wednesday 31st Aug 2016

Knowledge Management, like any solution, is only as effective as an organization’s ability to get people to use it. In this episode of “KM with Kim”, Thomson Reuters national manager of knowledge management, Kim Stein discusses how firms can get the most out of the KM systems A white paper on “Knowledge Management Software Has ...

ILTACON 2016: State of Legal Technology Innovation

Tuesday 30th Aug 2016

Advances in legal technology — both the present and future — will be front and center at ILTACON 2016 this week. Charlotte Rushton, managing director, large and midsize law firms, and innovation leader for the Legal business of Thomson Reuters, discusses the state of innovation in the legal industry

ILTA executive director Randi Mayes on ILTACON 2016

Monday 29th Aug 2016

ILTACON 2016 is an excellent opportunity for people working in legal technology to learn, share and discuss what works, what doesn’t and the tools to face challenges now and in the future. ILTA executive director Randi Mayes, who has led ILTA for more than twenty years, discusses how ILTA has helped shape the legal technology ...

Why Knowledge Management Matters to Law Firms

Friday 26th Aug 2016

Knowledge management can be a powerful way for firms to increase their efficiency. In the first episode of our series, “KM with Kim,” we discuss how knowledge management improves productivity, with Kim Stein, national manager of knowledge management at Thomson Reuters. In upcoming episodes, we’ll discuss how firms can get the most out of their knowledge management systems, ...

Stopping Pokemon Go

Friday 19th Aug 2016

Pokemon Go is an unquestioned cultural phenomenon — the most successful video game launch in history.  But the sudden success of Pokemon Go has spawned a slew of questions about safety, privacy and liability issues. Brian Markovitz from Joseph Greenwald & Lake tries to catch ’em all when it comes to legal issues involving Pokemon ...

The Summer Olympics Have Begun! (The Trademark Lawsuits, At Least)

Wednesday 13th Jul 2016

The first Summer Olympics event is underway: trademark infringement actions! The International Olympic Committee recently sued a Texas man and his company, CityPure, to try to stop his use of domain names that included Tokyo2020.com, Rome2024.com, NewDelhi2028.com, and other combinations up to the year 2080, The Olympics include many of the world’s best known trademarks, ...

The Post-Scalia Court with Reuters Journalist Joan Biskupic

Monday 6th Jun 2016

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has clearly had an impact on the workings of the U.S. Supreme Court as it continues to work through its current term. Joan Biskupic, editor in charge of legal affairs for Reuters, has been covering the Supreme Court since 1989, and discusses the impact of Justice Scalia’s death on ...

2016 Elite VANTAGE User Conference Wrap-Up

Thursday 26th May 2016

The 2016 Elite VANTAGE Worldwide User Conference saw record attendance, with 1100 users, 300 sessions and numerous customer panels, demos, sharing best practices, and talking about industry trends. Eric Ruud, Managing Director for Legal Enterprise Solutions, discusses this year’s VANTAGE conference, and how users can continue to keep up with developments at Elite throughout the ...

Creating a Customer-Focused Community at Elite

Wednesday 25th May 2016

What does it take to turn a business with more than 4400 customers in 40 countries into a customer-focused community? Patrick Hurley, Elite vice president of customer advocacy, discusses Elite’s effort to put the customer at the forefront of everything it does, and how that plays into the VANTAGE 2016 Worldwide User Conference underway in ...

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