Fitbits, Wearable Fitness Monitors & Data Privacy

Tuesday 22nd Dec 2015

Are you sporting a new Fitbit or an Apple Watch with a fitness monitor app? If it’s part of your employer’s wellness program, who owns and has access to your data? Tyler Newby , litigation partner at Fenwick & West looks at the wearable fitness monitor craze and some of the data privacy implications they ...

Supreme Court Patent Law Cases

Thursday 17th Dec 2015

Michael Hawes of Baker Botts discusses patent law cases coming up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whatever Happened to Political Campaign Theme Songs?

Friday 11th Dec 2015

It wasn’t long ago that every Presidential campaign had its own theme song. Even George Washington had one. Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln. All the way through to Jimmy Carter. But in recent decades, the music stopped. Or at least went Top 40. Presidential campaigns switched from original campaign themes to using hit pop songs, which ...

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Handbook, 2016 edition

Thursday 10th Dec 2015

The 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect on December 1, 2015. Some of the amendments apply even to cases that were filed prior to that date. The authors of the Federal Civil Rules Handbook, 2016 edition, William M. Janssen and Steven Baicker-McKee discuss the treatise and the new 2015 amendments. ...

United Airlines, Gawker Media & Rio 2016 – Ill Repute for November 2015

Tuesday 24th Nov 2015

A monthly look at reputation management in the era of social media & the 24 hour news cycle – United Airlines: Should you disclose when your CEO suffers a heart attack? – Blame it on Paris. Will the tragedy in Paris affect the Rio Olympics? – Gawker Media & “#SlackLayoffBingo” To listen, click on the ...

Mind Your Business – November 2015

Monday 23rd Nov 2015

Patsy Doerr interviews Deirdre Stanley, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Board Secretary, Thomson Reuters on diversity inclusion, its role in corporate strategy and managing your career. To listen, click on the built-in player below, or to download right-click here

Wait, What? Episode 14

Wednesday 18th Nov 2015

Jason Thomas is on the Ashley Madison list! Wait, What? Oh, it turns out there are several Jason Thomases in Arlington, Virginia. And one of them may have been outed in the infamous Ashley Madison case. And it wasn’t this Jason Thomas, it turns out. But it begs the question, what are the ethics of Doxing — ...

Wait, What? Unplugged Edition

Tuesday 3rd Nov 2015

They’re back! After a rather extended summer break, Wait, What? Returns. Jason, Joe, Rob and Matt are back at, this time taking a break from the world of legal technology to discuss alien superstructures, the demise of a publishing icon, and, of course, the new Star Wars movie. Does intelligent life exist on other worlds ...

Mind Your Business – October 2015

Friday 30th Oct 2015

Patsy Doerr interviews Nicole Hansen, manager, community relations for the Thomson Reuters legal business on the role of corporate responsibility. You can listen to Mind Your Business by clicking the play button on the built-in player below, or to download, right-click here. All of our Legal Current podcasts can also be found on iTunes – just enter ...

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, Fourth Edition

Thursday 22nd Oct 2015

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, Fourth Edition includes 22 new chapters, two new volumes and expanded content across a range of topics that engage the interplay between rules of procedure and substantive law, outline strategies for representation of plaintiff and defendant, and consider ramifications of various actions. Robert L. Haig, partner at Kelley ...

ABA Report on Women in the Legal Profession

Tuesday 20th Oct 2015

Although women make up 36 percent of attorneys, a recent study by the ABA’s Commission on Women in the Profession found that male lead counsels in federal litigation cases outnumber their female counterparts by up to 3 to 1. Angela Agrusa of Liner LLP discusses both the progress that has been made, and the progress that has ...

Ill Repute – Oct. 2015: Volkswagen, Pope Francis & Steve Jobs

Friday 9th Oct 2015

A discussion of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, Pope Francis’ visit to the US and the Steve Jobs movie. Ill Repute is a podcast looking at reputation management and the forces in the 24-hour news cycle and social media that impact it. To listen, click on the built-in audio player below, or to download right-click here

Who Controls the Internet?

Monday 5th Oct 2015

Google still has not announced whether it will appeal a ruling earlier this year by the Court of Appeal for British Columbia ordering the Internet giant to remove certain links from its search engine – not just in British Columbia, but worldwide, because of a trademark infringement lawsuit brought by tech company Equustek. The ruling ...