Technology Announcements from the Elite VANTAGE Conference

Thursday 8th Jun 2017

Elisabet Hardy, Vice President of Product Management and Eric Sugden, Chief Technology Officer, both from the Thomson Reuters Legal Enterprise Solutions organization shared new technology announcements in their keynote to more than 1000 VANTAGE Worldwide Conference attendees in Florida this week.  In this podcast recorded from the conference, they share the key takeaways.

Tailoring Your Legal Marketing to Millennials

Friday 12th May 2017

Millennials are now the largest demographic group in the U.S.  Much has been written and discussed about how millennials often have unique preferences for how they prefer to shop for and purchases goods and services. How does this apply to law firms? Christi Krautbauer of FindLaw discusses the findings of a white new paper, Reaching ...

New Podcast Series on Government: For Public Consumption

Tuesday 25th Apr 2017

Legal Current is proud to present a new podcast series: For Public Consumption. Hosted by Sharon Sayles Belton, vice president, Government Affairs and Community Relations at Thomson Reuters, this podcast series examines issues that impact government, its services and the people it serves. In this first installment, Sharon interviews Sally Heyman, Miami-Dade County Commissioner for the ...

Frequently Overlooked IP Issues

Wednesday 5th Apr 2017

With the passage of the America Invents Act in 2011 and a string of Supreme Court decisions in recent years, the landscape for intellectual property filings and dispute resolution was supposed to become clearer. But they have also brought new issues and uncertainty. Jeremy Taylor with Baker Botts discusses some of the most important IP ...

Abraham Lincoln, Hurricane Katrina & the False Claims Act

Monday 20th Mar 2017

In November, Supreme Court heard oral arguments in State Farm Fire & Casualty Co., United States ex rel. Rigsby, a case involving the False Claims Act and misclassified claims after Hurricane Katrina.  This case is important as litigation under the False Claims Act has grown remarkably in recent years. It also is relevant that the ...

Podcast: ABA TECHSHOW 2017 Preview with ABA President Linda Klein

Wednesday 15th Mar 2017

The ABA TECHSHOW Conference and Expo kicks off in Chicago this week. But before the event reaches a fever pitch, we had an opportunity to catch-up with ABA President Linda Klein to talk about her work, legal trends and her role during Friday’s plenary session, ABA: A Technology Accelerator in the Law. Listen to our ...

A Day in the Life of a KM Attorney – KM with Kim, episode 6

Wednesday 15th Feb 2017

There’s no such thing as a typical day for someone who runs knowledge management for a law firm, in the same way that there’s no such thing as a typical KM setup, or even a typical person who manages KM for a firm. The person in charge of KM can be anyone from a law ...

Podcast: The Estate Strikes Back – Deceased Stars, Star Wars & Posthumous Rights

Thursday 9th Feb 2017

On Jan. 26, 1997, many homes across America were tuned-in to Super Bowl XXXI. While much of the game itself may be a blur, most people who watched that night likely remember one image: Hollywood legend Fred Astaire, who had died nearly a decade before, dancing with an electric broom in a vacuum commercial. While ...

What Safer Roads Could Mean for Personal Injury Practices

Wednesday 4th Jan 2017

Our nation’s roads are getting safer. Traffic fatalities and injuries have generally been declining for more than two decades. But law firms that have staked their futures on motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries or fatalities may face significant business challenges on the horizon unless they prepare now. FindLaw has published a new white paper that ...

Trade Secrets & the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Thursday 29th Dec 2016

Companies in the U.S own an estimated $5 trillion in trade secerts and about $3 billion is lost due to theft every year. The federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 went into effect in May\. While it’s still early to interpret how it will affect trade  secret litigation, some things are clear, especially that ...

Ark Group KM Conference – KM With Kim episode 5

Wednesday 30th Nov 2016

Ark Group recently held its 12th Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession. The law firm KM toolkit has expanded to include enterprise search, experience location, expert systems, and other collaborative tools — while the remit for some KM practitioners today also includes support for  alternative fee arrangements, process improvement initiatives, and legal project  management. ...

Aspire to Lead Conference on Leadership in Companies & Communities

Wednesday 16th Nov 2016

The Aspire to Lead Conference was recently held in Minneapolis. Hundreds of women and men from around the region met for a day full of speakers and networking to empower women to take more active leadership roles in their careers, communities and day-to-day lives. Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist working at the intersection of technology ...

Who Owns Your Selfies When You Die?

Thursday 3rd Nov 2016

Do you store your family pictures and videos in the Cloud?  Would your family be able to access those files if you passed away?  Federal and state governments are scrambling to update estate laws to protect all your selfies and family cat videos against legal fights that could develop over rights to digital assets. Tyler ...