VANTAGE NYC 2018: Joe Fredericks Keynote – Communication to Drive Innovation and Growth

Thursday 21st Jun 2018

Being an effective communicator is a necessary characteristic in order to be successful and agile in the workplace. In a law firm, an internal communications function might not be a first thought, but just might be the extra little something that may have been missing. Joe Fredericks, founding director, PCA Law, is a change management ...

Thomson Reuters Elite Announces 3E Matter Pricing and first 3E Cloud Customer at VANTAGE 2018 Worldwide Conference

Tuesday 19th Jun 2018

The more than 1000 Elite customers helped kick off the VANTAGE Worldwide conference today at the morning keynote session where Eric Ruud, Elite’s managing director, announced the launch of 3E Matter Pricing, and the first Elite 3E Cloud customer go live. 3E® Matter Pricing is a new suite of tools which provides firms with valuable ...

KM with Kim – Interview with Scott Bailey, Squire Patton Boggs

Tuesday 5th Jun 2018

Welcome to another edition of KM With Kim, with Kim Stein, knowledge management manager at Thomson Reuters, Today Kim talks with Scott Bailey, Global Director of Research Services at Squire Patton Boggs about his firm’s use of km technologies and the importance to his firm of thought leadership in knowledge management, To listen, click here ...

Antitrust Under Trump

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Developments this week in two mega-mergers are raising questions about the Trump administration’s approach to corporate mergers.  T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans to merge after similar plans were benched in 2014 over concerns the Obama administration would oppose the merger.  And closing arguments were held in the Justice Department’s antitrust trial seeking to block the ...

Are You High? Marijuana Laws & the Employer Drug Testing Haze

Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018

Marijuana use is now legal in dozens of states.  But laws vary considerably.  Is it medicinal use?  Recreational?  Do federal laws still take precedence?  What are employers’ rights to screen for marijuana use?  What are employees’ rights in jurisdictions where marijuana use is legal? Elizabeth Levine with Goulston & Storrs’ labor & employment practice provides ...

Document Automation – Workflow Strategies for Competitive Firms

Tuesday 6th Mar 2018

Geoff Goldberg, Manager of Contract Express Service and Support for Thomson Reuters, recently moderated a panel about document automation hosted by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute at Legalweek 2018 in New York. Titled “Document Automation – Workflow Strategies for Competitive firms”, Goldberg and panelists discussed how firms can use document automation to meet client ...

Can the US Government Seize Overseas Data?

Monday 26th Feb 2018

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that could have far-reaching implications on law enforcement’s ability to access digital records. In US v.  Microsoft, the tech giant is challenging a US search warrant involving data stored in servers located in Ireland.  The case poses major questions over data access in the ...

Will the Supreme Court Legalize Sports Gambling?

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018

The Supreme Court, in deciding Christie v. NCAA, could open the door for legalized sports gambling across the U.S.  What are the odds?  What would be the impact on professional sports? Glen Rothstein of Rothstein Law tackles the issue. To listen, click here.  To download an MP3 file and listen later, right-click.


Wednesday 6th Dec 2017

As Congress continues its budget negotiations, concerns are rising about the potential on federal support of legal aid for people with low incomes, seniors, people with disabilities, and others who lack ready access to legal services. In this episode of For Public Consumption, Sharon Sayles Belton, vice president of Government Affairs for Thomson Reuters, talks ...

“Race to Judgment” a new book by Judge Frederic Block

Friday 10th Nov 2017

Frederic Block is a Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, a musician, and a noted author. His first book, Disrobed: An Inside Look at the Life and Work of a Federal Trial Judge, provides a unique behind the bench look at some of the controversial cases Judge ...

Is Your Facebook Profile Phishing Bait?

Friday 10th Nov 2017

While many people are concerned about privacy safeguards and data security on Facebook, the real danger might simply be in having and using a Facebook account. Bob Braun, co-chair of the cybersecurity & privacy group at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP says you may be revealing far more information than you realize, and that ...

Trump, the Presidency & the History of Executive Orders

Tuesday 7th Nov 2017

President Trump signed more executive orders in his first 100 days in office than any US President since World War II. Ronald D. Rotunda, a U.S. legal scholar and professor of law at Chapman University School of Law, discusses the history of Presidential executive orders. To listen click here (or to download and listen later, ...

Do Corporate Boards Need More Millennial Directors?

Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

Aging corporate boards are getting lessons on how to foster the next generation of directors. Younger directors remain rare but they’re increasingly in demand for their skills and perspectives on topics such as cybersecurity, e-commerce and marketing to millennials. They can also bring diversity to otherwise “pale, male and stale” boardrooms. The next generation of ...