Is Your Facebook Profile Phishing Bait?

Friday 10th Nov 2017

While many people are concerned about privacy safeguards and data security on Facebook, the real danger might simply be in having and using a Facebook account. Bob Braun, co-chair of the cybersecurity & privacy group at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP says you may be revealing far more information than you realize, and that ...

Trump, the Presidency & the History of Executive Orders

Tuesday 7th Nov 2017

President Trump signed more executive orders in his first 100 days in office than any US President since World War II. Ronald D. Rotunda, a U.S. legal scholar and professor of law at Chapman University School of Law, discusses the history of Presidential executive orders. To listen click here (or to download and listen later, ...

Do Corporate Boards Need More Millennial Directors?

Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

Aging corporate boards are getting lessons on how to foster the next generation of directors. Younger directors remain rare but they’re increasingly in demand for their skills and perspectives on topics such as cybersecurity, e-commerce and marketing to millennials. They can also bring diversity to otherwise “pale, male and stale” boardrooms. The next generation of ...

Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Monday 9th Oct 2017

Free wi-fi is widely available and tempting to use, especially when traveling.  Hotels, airports, coffee shops, even NYC subway stations provide it. But the dangers of public wi-fi are many-fold.  Not only are they hunting grounds for hackers, but a new report from security firm FireEye claims a Russian hacker group known as APT28, or ...

Emoji Law: The Evils of Emojis

Thursday 5th Oct 2017

Emojis are cute, fun…and can get you in a whole lot of legal trouble.  “Emoji law” is increasingly a factor in e-discovery, particularly in labor and employment cases such as sexual harassment and discrimination. Jay Holland, chair of labor and employment at Joseph Greenwald, says it has gotten to the point where employment attorneys should ...

Improving Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Profession – Interview with NAMWOLF CEO Joel Stern

Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017

The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms is now in its 16th year helping corporations and public entities diversify their outside law firm ranks. NAMWOLF is comprised of AV-rated firms across the nation whom NAMWOLF assists in developing strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations with corporations, in-house counsel, and other legal trade associations. ...

Is the Supreme Court Going After the Federal Circuit Courts?

Thursday 28th Sep 2017

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to open its 2017-2018 term, all eyes will on the docket to see which cases the high court decides to take up.  In recent years, the Court has been taking an increased focus on IP cases.  Wayne Stacy of Baker Botts says his analysis reveals that this is part ...

Hurricanes & Disaster Recovery Legal Issues for Businesses

Thursday 7th Sep 2017

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have produced numerous fatalities and billions of dollars in property damage. As devastated areas move into recovery mode, numerous legal issues will arise for impacted businesses. Rachel Steely of Gardere Wynne Sewell in Houston discusses what businesses need to keep in mind as they recover from the aftermath of storms and ...

A Day in the Life of a KM Attorney – Morgan Lewis

Thursday 31st Aug 2017

Silvia LeBlanc of Morgan Lewis in Philadelphia discusses how the firm uses knowledge management and practice innovation, to collaborate with team members across Morgan Lewis’s global network and ensure they take full advantage of resources. She maps legal processes, creates productivity tools, and conducts training sessions that promote a culture of quality and consistency across ...

Data Security vs. Employee Rights

Friday 25th Aug 2017

Balancing employee rights with employer’s data security needs and data privacy requirements can be tricky.  Anna Suh with Fenwick & West discusses how employers can manage this balance.

Collaborative Disaggregation – a New Model for Firms? ILTACON 2017

Thursday 17th Aug 2017

Legal departments are increasingly turning to alternative legal service providers to handle certain legal tasks and matters on a more cost-effective basis.  But now, some law firms are also engaging alternative legal service providers to help their client reduce costs and strengthen the firm’s client relationships. Jeffrey Sharer, co-chair of Akerman’s Data Law Practice, talked ...

Transforming the Business of Law with Cognitive Computing, ILTACON 2017 Keynote

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

Brian Kuhn, founder of IBM Watson Legal, addressed key misconceptions around artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in Tuesday’s keynote at ITLACON 2017. Kuhn talked with David Curle, Thomson Reuters director of market intelligence,  and shared insights from business-of-law use case workshops IBM conducted with corporate legal departments and law firms over the last two years. ...

ILTA Day 1 Podcast: Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

Monday 14th Aug 2017

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the legal profession. But while the focus is usually on the technology, AI raises complex ethical issues as well. Chris Mammen, a partner at Hogan Lovells and a faculty member of University of California – Hastings’ Innovation Law Institute, participated in a panel at ILTACON today ...