David Lat, founder of Above the Law and Karl Florida, managing director, small law firm and consumer at Thomson Reuters, recently discussed the 11th Anniversary of Above the Law, the recent Supreme Court term, and what’s next for Above the Law and Lat.

As many know, David Lat’s first anonymous blog provided a highly-followed insider’s view of the legal profession. When he felt the time was right, he revealed he was the author in an interview with Jeffrey Toobin for the New Yorker. Other professional endeavors ensued, but his love of writing never waned. So, in 2006 Lat established Above the Law and served as the sole writer for the first two years.

Today the team of writer/editors showcases the amazingly talents of Elie Mystal, Joe Patrice, Kathryn Rubino, Staci Zaretsky, complemented daily by numerous technology, substantive and practice area experts. Together they serve a daily dose of verve, reality, and insights in a straight-talk style that draws readers from across the legal profession to their blog.

With a mission to bring transparency to the legal profession and pull back the curtain on law firms, judges, law schools and every other aspect of the legal profession, Above the Law continues to evolve for its readers adding new writers and columns including the recent edition of The Jabot, a column on women in the legal profession named after the famous decorative collars of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

In this podcast the duo discusses blogging, the Supreme Court term, and what might be next for blogger, and now Supreme Ambitions novelist.

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