A Day in the Life of a KM Attorney – Morgan Lewis

Thursday 31st Aug 2017

Silvia LeBlanc of Morgan Lewis in Philadelphia discusses how the firm uses knowledge management and practice innovation, to collaborate with team members across Morgan Lewis’s global network and ensure they take full advantage of resources. She maps legal processes, creates productivity tools, and conducts training sessions that promote a culture of quality and consistency across ...

Data Security vs. Employee Rights

Friday 25th Aug 2017

Balancing employee rights with employer’s data security needs and data privacy requirements can be tricky.  Anna Suh with Fenwick & West discusses how employers can manage this balance.

Collaborative Disaggregation – a New Model for Firms? ILTACON 2017

Thursday 17th Aug 2017

Legal departments are increasingly turning to alternative legal service providers to handle certain legal tasks and matters on a more cost-effective basis.  But now, some law firms are also engaging alternative legal service providers to help their client reduce costs and strengthen the firm’s client relationships. Jeffrey Sharer, co-chair of Akerman’s Data Law Practice, talked ...

Transforming the Business of Law with Cognitive Computing, ILTACON 2017 Keynote

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

Brian Kuhn, founder of IBM Watson Legal, addressed key misconceptions around artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in Tuesday’s keynote at ITLACON 2017. Kuhn talked with David Curle, Thomson Reuters director of market intelligence,  and shared insights from business-of-law use case workshops IBM conducted with corporate legal departments and law firms over the last two years. ...

ILTA Day 1 Podcast: Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

Monday 14th Aug 2017

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the legal profession. But while the focus is usually on the technology, AI raises complex ethical issues as well. Chris Mammen, a partner at Hogan Lovells and a faculty member of University of California – Hastings’ Innovation Law Institute, participated in a panel at ILTACON today ...

Brexit, Cuba & Trademarks

Thursday 20th Jul 2017

Brexit and Cuba may be oceans apart, but they share one common issue: a potential disruption of trademarks in both markets. Jeffrey Greene, a trademark partner with Fenwick & West discusses what issues need to be aware of if they are doing business or plan on doing business there.

11 Years, The Jabot and the End of the Supreme Court Term

Wednesday 19th Jul 2017

David Lat, founder of Above the Law and Karl Florida, managing director, small law firm and consumer at Thomson Reuters, recently discussed the 11th Anniversary of Above the Law, the recent Supreme Court term, and what’s next for Above the Law and Lat. As many know, David Lat’s first anonymous blog provided a highly-followed insider’s ...

Fake News & Short Sellers vs. the SEC

Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

“Fake news” is nothing new, especially to corporations dealing with short sellers – investors who bet on falling stock prices, who have long been accused of deliberately spreading false information in order to drive bigger gains. But the Securities & Exchange Commission has been surprisingly powerless in dealing with short sellers. Mike Dicke of Fenwick ...

eSports, Video Games & the Law

Thursday 15th Jun 2017

Soaring athlete contracts, growing TV revenues and cheating and doping scandals. Nope. Not the NFL, NBA or World Cup Soccer. It’s the burgeoning world of e-Sports or spectator video games. Video game live televised tournaments and leagues are fast becoming big business. And with it comes legal issues that are all too familiar for those who ...

Technology Announcements from the Elite VANTAGE Conference

Thursday 8th Jun 2017

Elisabet Hardy, Vice President of Product Management and Eric Sugden, Chief Technology Officer, both from the Thomson Reuters Legal Enterprise Solutions organization shared new technology announcements in their keynote to more than 1000 VANTAGE Worldwide Conference attendees in Florida this week.  In this podcast recorded from the conference, they share the key takeaways.

Tailoring Your Legal Marketing to Millennials

Friday 12th May 2017

Millennials are now the largest demographic group in the U.S.  Much has been written and discussed about how millennials often have unique preferences for how they prefer to shop for and purchases goods and services. How does this apply to law firms? Christi Krautbauer of FindLaw discusses the findings of a white new paper, Reaching ...

New Podcast Series on Government: For Public Consumption

Tuesday 25th Apr 2017

Legal Current is proud to present a new podcast series: For Public Consumption. Hosted by Sharon Sayles Belton, vice president, Government Affairs and Community Relations at Thomson Reuters, this podcast series examines issues that impact government, its services and the people it serves. In this first installment, Sharon interviews Sally Heyman, Miami-Dade County Commissioner for the ...

Frequently Overlooked IP Issues

Wednesday 5th Apr 2017

With the passage of the America Invents Act in 2011 and a string of Supreme Court decisions in recent years, the landscape for intellectual property filings and dispute resolution was supposed to become clearer. But they have also brought new issues and uncertainty. Jeremy Taylor with Baker Botts discusses some of the most important IP ...