Midsized law firms are increasingly implementing cloud-based systems as they recognize the strategic advantages to improving their technology platforms.

Firms like Wisconsin-based Davis & Kuelthau, S.C., which is transitioning from Enterprise to the cloud version of 3E, want solutions that will reduce their hardware infrastructure investment and improve flexibility, while improving technology security and remote access efficiency. 3E Cloud fit with Davis & Kuelthau’s long-term strategy of moving many of their applications to the cloud.

Firms of all sizes are recognizing how essential cloud-based systems are to maintaining business continuity. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many firms already using cloud solutions transitioned seamlessly to remote work. Cloud solutions foster collaboration by allowing remote access to data, which is especially critical when workflows and normal operations are disrupted.

Midsized firms also turn to cloud solutions to attract more clients. London-based Fox Williams LLP recently adopted 3E Cloud to help reduce infrastructure costs, leverage new technology faster and adapt more readily to change, thus allowing the firm to better compete against much larger firms.

“Being able to benefit from a large law firm solution was a real differentiator for us,” said Jeremy Gubbay, partner and chief operating officer of Fox Williams. “3E Cloud gives us the benefits of 3E plus the security, managed service, and automatic upgrades of a cloud offering, all without the upfront investment that would be needed for an on-premises system.”

Cloud solutions give firms the ability to upgrade to a robust and scalable financial and practice management solution while staying agile and flexible, which are among the core advantages of midsized firms. Adopting cloud-based tools also aligns midsized firms’ strategies with those of their corporate clients. These clients likely use cloud solutions in their offices, and according to the 2020 State of Corporate Law Departments Report, they expect their law firms to drive efficiencies and collaborate effectively – key benefits of cloud technology.

The ability to streamline workflows is another reason firms rely on cloud and web-based tools. In addition to implementing 3E Cloud, Davis & Kuelthau aims to improve its existing manual billing processes by adopting eBillingHub. The web-based solution will help the firm simplify and automate e-billing process, as well as reduce billing errors that can lead to rejections and write-offs.

3E Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) financial management solution. The architecture of 3E Cloud – a Thomson Reuters-managed cloud environment using the Microsoft® Azure® platform – enables firms to become more agile, lawyers to quickly respond to client needs, and staff to easily track and manage activity on any scale. Learn more about 3E Cloud here.

Azure is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
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