This post was written by Kathleen Miner, senior director of Large Law Firm Marketing at Thomson Reuters

For the past 18 months I’ve attended various legal business development conferences where I’ve listened to general counsel say what’s important to them in choosing a law firm. It all boils down to one key component: know me, know my business.

When I first heard that, I thought it sounded simple enough; we all want that from the partners we work with. But when I looked at it from an already busy attorney’s perspective, I realized that this type of request can seem quite daunting. After all, attorneys have several clients, so how can they be an expert on each client’s business while continuing to be a skilled lawyer?

Hearing that repeated request got our teams thinking of how we could help law firms and their attorneys be that trusted business partner to their clients all while continuing to be sophisticated in the practice of law. We knew we’d need to develop a resource that would provide relevant information quickly and easily. The result was Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center.

Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center is a new web-based platform that compiles relevant information about a company or an industry giving attorneys and firm leaders one place where they can better understand their customers. In a matter of minutes, users can understand their firm’s reach within a particular company or industry, be made aware of recent happenings that could impact their clients’ business, and discover trends in legal activity that may warrant proactive communication with their client.

With firms focusing more than ever on cross-selling to existing clients, knowledge sharing and teamwork amongst practice groups is critical. Profiles within Intelligence Center can be shared amongst anyone in the firm, making it easier to break down silos and encourage collaboration amongst teams. The added ability to store documents makes it easy for individuals across the firm to understand more about the client and know who else may be working on a proposal for the client.

Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center is the latest addition to our already robust offering of business development resources, including Monitor Suite, Dockets, Westlaw Court Wire and Practitioner Insights. We understand that business development is a significant focus for law firms today. At Thomson Reuters we’re committed to providing solutions that help the entire firm understand where their opportunities exist and how to capitalize on them.

We’ll be at annual Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) conference in Toronto this week, so stop by our booth to learn more about Intelligence Center and our other solutions for large and mid-sized firms.

More information: Thomson Reuters Intelligence Centers enables interactive business development

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