Mitch Kowalski, innovative thinker, Canadian lawyer and author of Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century, was in Eagan, Minn. last week, speaking with Thomson Reuters employees. He spoke about what he calls the “Great Legal Reformation,” which is the¬†early stages of the most disruptive period of time in the history of the legal profession (i.e., now). All members of the legal services industry need to understand and adapt to this changing ecosystem, according to Kowalski, as well as forecast what that ecosystem will look like down the road; long term vision and strategy have never been more important.

So we decided to put him in front of the camera with our own David Curle, director of Strategic Competitive Intelligence for Thomson Reuters. In the video below, Curle asks Kowalski about his predictions for how large law firms will develop over the next five years, how well law firm leaders are prepared for the pressures and changes facing the industry, who the new players will be, and more.

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