Since the launch of Westlaw Edge, a month’s worth of solid media coverage has generated strong interest in the platform and contributed to a fast adoption rate among customers.

Among the milestones achieved on the media side are more than 50 articles featuring the launch. Leading industry outlets and blogs highlighted Westlaw Edge with initial coverage focused on the strong AI behind the product, its features and functionality, and the strength of the Westlaw brand. In the past two weeks, Westlaw Edge often has been referenced in media coverage of AI in the legal space in general.

During Thomson Reuters 2018 second quarter earnings investor webcast last week, Thomson Reuters CEO Jim Smith highlighted Westlaw Edge, noting, “It’s been extremely well received by our customers and the media alike.” He also said, “We expect that it will contribute to the improving overall revenue growth dynamics of our Legal business.”

Also, the launch has generated millions of impressions on social media. A recent highlight included Bob Ambrogi’s tweet about his podcast with Thomson Reuters leaders Mike Dahn and Jeff Arvidson: “The most popular #LawNext so far, by a fairly wide margin, is about the new @Westlaw Edge, with two of the @thomsonreuters execs responsible for its launch.”

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