Wait WhatThis episode starts off with a question regarding whether or not any of the guys have any embarrassing photos on the internet. This quickly leads into a conversation about the “Right To Be Forgotten” and whether or not people have a fundamental right to have their mistakes removed (or at least suppressed) from the internet. The guys talk about the expectation of privacy in personal life versus what someone should expect to have happen to them in a public setting; they also talk about whether or not it is disingenuous for a company or hotel to suppress negative reviews from search engines. The conversation evolves into a discussion of ownership of one’s face, when consent is not given by one or more parties and the desperate need for the guys to find a lawyer to answer these questions for them.

On a very exciting note, going forward, the show will be recorded in a Reuters/TIMA studio for audio recording and VIDEO production! This is a great step forward for the show and the guys are looking forward to not carrying microphones around in backpacks to random conference rooms.

Tune into the next show (April 24) when we hope to have our first guest.

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