In the fourth installment of Wait, What? the guys discuss the Science Fact that has come from the Science Fiction of Star Trek, Star Wars, Total Recall, comics, and other media. The show starts with a comparison of the devices that were used in the Star Trek universe of television and movies, and how we’re seeing many of those ideas and concepts come to fruition. The guys then get into the concept of 3-D printing and Synthetic Biology. The discussion then shifts to Jason and Joe announcing that they’ve created the “Inertia-jet” (patent pending), that will revolutionize travel, and what it must feel like to be the first person/people to test a potentially dangerous piece of technology.

The guys spend much of the second half of the show in a “lightning round” discussing different Sci-Fi influencers to include Star Wars, James Bond, Disney, and comic books. Most importantly they discuss if we currently are at a stagnation point in technological improvements to our lives. This spawns a great discussion about time travel!

As always, stick around after the music at the end of the show for something extra.

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Tune into the next show (March 27) when we talk about whether technology is making us stupid and lazy. If the intellectual capacity of the guys on the show are any guide, the answer is YES!

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