On June 1-3, Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian Seth Meyers will host legal professionals from the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe for the Thomson Reuters Legal SYNERGY user conference. Ahead of the virtual conference, Legal Current is previewing the more than 60 educational sessions that will help attendees better navigate today’s environment, manage their firm or office effectively, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Today Legal Current looks at looks at notable Westlaw, Practical Law and Legal Tracker sessions, where experts will share how tools and data-driven technology are transforming the way legal work is done.

  • Legal Tracker: Diversity, equity and inclusion. This panel discussion explores partnering to supercharge the DEI legal ecosystem – including legal operations, law firms and academia – and highlights the best practices and innovative strategies to achieve the goals of all stakeholders. Find out how Legal Tracker’s data gathering and reporting functionality can support and inform companies’ strategic DEI initiatives.
  • Are you protecting your clients and yourself by staying current in an ever-changing legal environment? The legal world is experiencing change at an unprecedented pace. These changes can be at the federal, state, regulatory, or administrative level. Learn how Practical Law keeps you up-to-date and confident in complying with the most current laws and regulations.
  • Contracts, commuting, and COVID: Reimagining law in the workplace. COVID-19 has changed the landscape of labor and employment and commercial law. Remote working and health and safety protocols present new compliance obligations and litigation risks. Meanwhile, supply chain disruptions are impacting force majeure provisions, insurance claims, and general contract drafting. Hear from Thomson Reuters Practical Law experts about the latest best practices as we move beyond the pandemic.
  • Using artificial intelligence to up your brief game. Artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed the legal briefing landscape, raising the bar for both what’s possible and what’s expected. Understand how new legal research tools give you access to unprecedented preparedness and confidence in your work product.

To register and learn more, visit the Legal SYNERGY2021 U.S. conference site, Canada conference site, or Europe/U.K. conference site.

Watch Legal Current for more details about SYNERGY sessions, as well as the line-up of fun and entertainment planned for the conference, and follow @LegalCurrent for updates throughout SYNERGY.

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