On June 1-3, Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian Seth Meyers will host legal professionals from the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe for the Thomson Reuters Legal SYNERGY user conference. Ahead of the virtual conference, Legal Current is previewing the more than 60 educational sessions that will help attendees better navigate today’s environment, manage their firm or office effectively, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Today Legal Current looks at notable thought-leadership sessions. Below are overviews of some of the sessions, where experts will share their insights on the future of the legal market and the latest trends.

  • How can technology foster diversity, break bias, and support inclusion? The benefits associated with diversity and inclusion in the workplace are well-known, from higher employee retention rates to greater innovation. So how can your organization encourage diversity and inclusion while also battling unconscious bias? One answer may surprise you: technology.
  • What skills do lawyers need for the future? The legal education and professional development markets remain largely behind the times for providing the skills, training, and competencies required for lawyers to be successful in the 21st century. However, more and more legal institutions are talking about this skills gap and investing in opportunities to offer access to necessary skills. In this session, learn about talent management, attorney performance and productivity, and how the Delta Model for lawyer competency can provide attorneys with the mindset and fundamentals to succeed in the future.
  • How do midsize firms really compete in the big leagues? Midsize firms have proven to be a particularly good fit for major corporate clients. Their structure, innovative cultures, responsiveness, and ability to collaborate both internally and with clients makes them attractive business partners. Further, midsize law firms tend to embrace technology at greater rates than their smaller and larger counterparts, the results of which have positioned midsize firms to better serve their clients and deliver greater value. In this session, find out what midsize firms are investing in.
  • Emerging technology and its impact on the legal industry. The world is moving at an exponential rate. By 2040, it’s predicted that you’ll be able to buy a $1,000 computer that can process as fast as the brains of all 9 billion people at that time. Imagine the change that will occur to legal documents, search, and workflow with this power. All of this technological progress will have an impact on the legal business. In this presentation, see how major emerging technologies will affect lawyers.
  • AI in action: A review of future legal use cases. It’s not news that AI is transforming the way we work across every sector, and that’s no different in the legal domain. This interactive session focuses on some of the latest discoveries in the field of AI and some of the most innovative applications of AI in the legal domain. See firsthand how AI is building efficiencies in practices both today and into the future.
  • How do you best navigate digital courts? The pandemic has caused disruption in the court system, creating challenges providing access to justice and building backlogs. A little over a year into the new normal, how are courts dealing with the changes? What opportunities do lawyers have to work effectively under these new conditions? And what’s coming next? This evolution in how the courts operate is here to stay – join us to learn some tips and tricks for navigating this new system.

To register and learn more, visit the Legal SYNERGY2021 U.S. conference site, Canada conference site, or Europe/U.K. conference site.

Watch Legal Current for more details about SYNERGY sessions, as well as the line-up of fun and entertainment planned for the conference, and follow @LegalCurrent for updates throughout SYNERGY.

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