The Legal business of Thomson Reuters and Obelisk Support, the multilingual legal business built around communities of highly-skilled lawyers, recently announced an innovative collaboration to help corporate legal departments deliver greater value to their stakeholders.

The collaboration comes at a time when corporate legal departments, faced with an increasing workload and the need to manage costs effectively, are seeking alternative ways to manage the peaks and troughs within their teams without compromising on the quality of their work.

Under the agreement, all lawyers at Obelisk Support have direct access to the wealth of online practical legal know how and research within the Practical Law and Westlaw UK solutions from Thomson Reuters, including standard legal documents, which they can adapt to their clients’ needs, as well as checklists, practice notes, current awareness services and databases of legislation.

“Many of our lawyers are already familiar with the Practical Law and Westlaw UK solutions, so we were naturally delighted when the opportunity arose to work more closely with Thomson Reuters,” said Dana Denis-Smith, founder and CEO of Obelisk Support. “The collaboration means that our team of highly skilled lawyers now comes fully equipped with market-leading legal tools and resources which they can use to service our clients. This not only enhances our appeal to in-house legal teams, it also helps guarantee a better cultural fit with our clients and the assurance that industry standards are being maintained.”

Chosen specifically to address many of the routine pressure points faced by corporate legal departments, the Practical Law and Westlaw UK solutions help Obelisk Support’s lawyers build an even more authoritative and efficient edge. They also enable Obelisk Support to make-ready even more lawyers who, due to personal commitments, have left the profession but wish to return on a flexible working basis and contribute their knowledge and expertise through Obelisk Support’s delivery model.

“I’m delighted we’re teaming up with Obelisk Support and this collaboration is an innovative way to meet the needs of our mutual customer base in the corporate legal sector,” said Jan-Coos Geesink, managing director, UK&I Legal business at Thomson Reuters. “I’m impressed with the quality of talent at Obelisk Support and with our proven legal solutions behind them, I’m confident their lawyers will be able to work more effectively for their in-house clients.”

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