This post was written by Andy Duggan, product operations lead at Thomson Reuters

“The Power of Connection” is the theme for this year’s AALL Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Most would agree that “connection” is meant in a personal sense – the conference is our chance to connect with our peers and colleagues in order to foster both business and personal relationships.

But “The Power of Connection,” in another sense, would make a great tagline for the Business Law Center (BLC) on WestlawNext. Throughout the original development of BLC, making connections between all the various sources of corporate legal information was the primary goal.

Related Info tabs on the Business Law Center

Related Info tabs on the Business Law Center

As a result, there are several BLC features that embody this theme – but none more than Related Info tabs. BLC streamlines research on transactions (like mergers or securities offerings) by creating a summary page for every deal. From the summary, it’s simple to use the Related Info tabs to access all available documents and information such as SEC filings, agreements, comment letters and related M&A deals.

BLC also makes some “powerful connections” by incorporating information and links from other Thomson Reuters products, such as Thomson Financial and Practical Law. Through its connection to Thomson Financial, BLC is able to provide a wealth of information on private mergers, loans and offerings that weren’t disclosed to the SEC. And many Practical Law Practice Notes now feature links directly to pre-set search results in the BLC, which enables a seamless flow from know-how research to precedent gathering.

If you are in Philadelphia for the AALL Annual Meeting this year and want more details on the “Power of Connection” in the Business Law Center, please stop by our Exhibitor Showcase in the Exhibit Hall Theater on Monday, July 20 from 1:30 – 2 p.m.

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