When asked if technology brings value to her clients and the cost of legal services, Jaye Lapachet, Manager of Library Services at Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP in San Francisco, explains “better efficiency means that attorneys can spend more time face to face with clients rather than online searching. The more attorneys can be focused on relationships with clients rather than searches, the better they can differentiate their services from competing law firms. They have more time to draft, and do other things that add value to the legal process.”

In today’s  economic climate, law firms are looking at  innovative ways to transform the business and practice of law. Modern legal research technology is one lever that enables firms to have improved efficiency and productivity. This translates to significant business benefits such as controlling legal costs for clients, driving client value as well as saving time and money – all of which help firms differentiate their service to succeed in the new economy.

Coblentz, an early adopter of WestlawNext®, is one of the many of firms who is using WestlawNext to drive internal efficiencies and client value . In “Ten Questions about WestlawNext”, Adam Schlagman of LJN’s Legal Tech Newsletter finds out about the firm’s experience in making the switch and the impact it has had on its legal professionals, the firm and its clients. Read the full article here.

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