Since it was introduced in March, Legal Current has followed Practitioner Insights closely, discussing its premier appearance at the ABA Techshow, the qualities that make it so unique and the team of experienced attorney editors who make it all work. Now, we’re pleased to provide some insight into the new practice pages on Practitioner Insights, announced at the end of June.

When Practitioner Insights was launched earlier this year, its current awareness pages included information in antitrust, bankruptcy, employment, health law, intellectual property, and securities. The new additions will include three new insights pages and two new jurisdictional pages.

The new insights pages include Finance and Banking, Energy and Environment, and Products Liability; the new jurisdictional pages will focus on national coverage and New York. Along with the existing Securities page and the new Finance and Banking page, the new jurisdictional pages will feature acclaimed Reuters legal journalist Alison Frankel.

These new pages are designed to further manage the flow of current awareness information by allowing legal professionals to receive what they want and need. These capabilities are important to any firm trying to stay ahead, according to Jill Roisum, senior director of Product Development for Thomson Reuters. “These new practice pages deliver a true competitive advantage for WestlawNext users who understand that staying ahead of emerging legal developments is key to superior client service and business development.”

Share below why having current awareness information that is specialized to your jurisdiction or practice field is important to you, and find the original press release announcing the new pages here.

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