The Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set launch is earning positive reviews from leading industry influencers, including Above the Law Editor Joe Patrice, who noted: “My takeaway was that Practical Law has its eyes very much on the importance of delivering its content to users in the best way possible. More customization, more AI assistance, more visualization. The content has always been there, now it’s about constantly innovating when it comes to delivery.”

For an insider’s perspective, Legal Current asked Practical Law Product Management and Editorial team members at Thomson Reuters to share their takes on the most interesting parts of developing Dynamic Tool Set and how it can help legal professionals work better and faster.

Erica Kitaev, senior director, Product Management, said her favorite part of developing Dynamic Tool Set was “really digging in to understand not just the customer problems we were looking to solve, but identifying the framework for solving those problems – putting ourselves in the customer chair, so to speak. Every conversation around Dynamic Tool Set begins and ends with, ‘Will this delight our customers and solve a problem for them?’”

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For Director of Product Management Chris Knuckey, the best part was seeing customers’ initial reactions: “Being a part of some of our first customer demos and seeing those customers immediately understand the potential of the features we are showing and get excited about getting their hands on them.”

Product Manager Benjamin Kolansky agreed: “Seeing customers light up with excitement about the new functionality and being able to integrate their ideas into the feature set was just incredible.”

Patricia Harley, director of Practical Law Intellectual Property & Technology, liked “being part of the team involved in the initial market research and customer focus groups with attorneys working in a variety of different practice areas and environments – testing what were then just ideas on paper directly with our customers, seeing how they responded, and how the concepts evolved and ultimately were brought to life by our technology, product management, and editorial teams.”

The first of its kind in the legal space, Knowledge Map graphically explores Practical Law content.

Claire Monkhouse, senior editor of Dispute Resolution – Innovation, also liked being part of a global team. “It’s so useful for us to all share our knowledge and different skill sets and, by drawing on my own experience in private practice to offer insights or ask questions, as well as being part of the content curation, I really feel like I’m part of the process of adding value. The pandemic has been a catalyst for embracing new, more efficient ways of working, and legal tech continues to gather momentum in achieving the goal of making lawyers’ lives easier, so it’s an exciting time to be involved in this sort of project.”

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