One of the most important tasks when launching a brand, be it an entire company or a product line within, is to make sure that someone else hasn’t beat you to the punch on one of the most basic elements – the name.

That’s where Thomson CompuMark comes in. You’ve always been able to count on us to provide screening services to make sure your trademark isn’t already registered by someone else, but soon we’ll be expanding this and providing you with the most global coverage, period.

Over the past few months and over the coming few months, Thomson CompuMark is performing the Herculean task of more than tripling the number of our trademark screening registers. This summer, the number of registers covered by Thomson CompuMark will reach an impressive 186, making it the largest collection of trademark screening information available anywhere.

The upcoming expanded coverage will include markets unavailable from any other online source. We’re starting that process now with 40 new databases released this week, including strategically important countries like Taiwan, Kosovo and Malaysia.

So, with Thomson CompuMark, you get your brand off to the right start by screening the world with a single search, thanks to SAEGIS® on SERION®.

Find out more about this expansion of coverage, and stay tuned for more SAEGIS databases coming in the weeks ahead.

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