Kris NimsgerWe caught up with Kris Nimsger, managing director & general manager, Practice Technology & Services to talk about what’s new as ILTA Conference 2013 kicks off.

1)       Case Logistix 6.0 just launched. What’s new with this version?

Case Logistix 6.0 has several major new features, including a brand new, customizable user interface, a new advanced search experience, built-in OCR, several new advanced data analytics capabilities to give new insights into review data and enhanced navigation.  It’s really a significant step forward in enabling faster, more efficient and more accurate document review and it is a whole new CaseLogistix. Very exciting!

2)       Do you see any trends in cloud-based technologies?

Just like the pace of cloud adoption in many industries, our customers are increasingly looking at the economic and efficiency advantages of cloud-based solutions.  Our research shows that significantly more firms are using cloud solutions this year and reporting it as a positive experience. We believe that the trend of cloud adoption in legal is accelerating and doing so at a pace beyond most analysts’ forecasts. The adoption is moving with particular speed in areas of legal practice where data volumes fluctuate greatly and are highly unpredictable, such as e-discovery.

3)       What are you hearing from customers about our products?

Customers are really embracing that we offer a comprehensive set of integrated, tools and content that are designed to work together.  Customers appreciate the ability to leverage both past work product and current case work product across our product suite. The litigation workflow is about efficiently creating, managing and organizing case information – whether it’s legal documents, discovery materials, transcripts, evidence, legal research, etc.  Our customers like that they have one set of litigation solutions that can help them be more productive at each stage of a matter and help them create better work product more efficiently. Further, they love the fact that they can take advantage of these capabilities in a flexible deployment model: Both behind the firm or corporate firewall or in the cloud, whichever model best suits their practice and technology strategy.

4)       What’s next for Hosted Practice Technologies?

Our Hosted Practice Technologies provide the cost efficiencies, flexibility and security that firms are looking for in cloud-based solutions for e-discovery and litigation support.  We are planning to aggressively expand our offering of cloud solutions over the coming year to provide customers even more robust and comprehensive capabilities, allowing our customers the ability to flexibly scale their practices by leveraging our expertise and expertise in integrated cloud platforms.

5)      Will you be at ILTA this year and if so, what is your favorite spot in Vegas for fun?

I will be at ILTA, and I’m looking forward! While I might not have time this trip, always look forward to the fun shopping experience and a bit of fun in the sun.

Stay tuned for more on ILTA 2013!

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