This post was written by Jeff Friedman, director of marketing, Westlaw CaseLogistix

Consumers always look for value.  Quality at a price-point that reflects the appropriate amount of benefit.  The word “sale” in the window is only slightly less effective than preceding it with the words “going out of business.”

The more I listened to LegalTech attendees and fellow vendors, the more I heard them talk about tools that would complement current processes, provide measurable results, and continually improve their ability to deliver to their clients… All hallmarks of project management.

Demonstrations across the exhibit hall met with a common refrain: tell me, no, convince me why this makes sense for me.  Don’t talk about the tool, talk to me about what the tools will do for me.  Again, the emphasis is less on the tool as a technology, and more on the use of tool.  Often this meant less time showing product and more time discussing the nature of the problem(s.)  More than once a client would ask about a specific product, but we ended up in a conversation about a different process or tool than expected.  More than once we found clients coming to us as referrals from others and we made similar references to others.  I’m not saying there was a hand holding moment of solidarity between vendors… Maybe more like a practical recognition of economic benefits from delighted clients.

Having deeper discussions about problems and process resonated.  Having an ecosystem of tools that prove value both independently and together resonated.  Removing the “sale” sign from the window and inviting clients in for a practical discussion about their processes and thinking about the right tools for the right job… Those are the values that resonated.

Next up… Some of the “right” types of tools for clients looking for a better, continually improving process.

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