What do bankers, lawyers, scientists and investment managers need to efficiently complete their jobs? Just a few years ago, they demanded the ability to search a wide span of data and receive precise answers – now, however, the population of information has grown exponentially and it is impossible to have access to the entire population or to even know exactly for what business professionals are looking.

On Forbes.com, Thomson Reuters chief operating officer of Technology Rick King provided answers to these problems by revealing the details of the intelligent information provider’s partnership with Oracle.

“What you need to be able to do now is take what you have, and look at what other people have, and then combine it in a search format where you don’t care where the information is stored, what format it’s in or who owns it – you just need to be able to search over a bigger and bigger corpus of information that’s relevant to whatever your users are doing,” says King.

Essentially, turning big data into intelligent results necessitates a strategic partnership. According to King, the partnership with Oracle has helped Thomson Reuters to create a culture of innovation, develop new products of greater value and utility to customers and navigate the increasing complexity of the IT landscape.

King shares his thoughts on other issues concerning strategic partnerships, including the early stages of a strategic partnership, the importance of mutual support, vendor lock-ins and providing intelligent information. To read about these and other topics discussed by King, see the full article at Forbes.com.

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