On Day 5 of ILTA>ON, sessions will focus on C-Suite/future-focused themes as well as business and legal process improvement. Two Thomson Reuters speakers will share their expertise and insights: Brent Turner from Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor and Joe Raczynski, manager of Technical Client Management.

Many innovative law firms are moving to complement the traditional legal services they provide with non-traditional services, such as consulting, and even selling products, such as software and other technology solutions. Turner will take part in a panel to discuss how firms can adapt their business models into innovation ecosystems to support these initiatives. This includes shifting the mindset of lawyers from focusing strictly on matters to thinking about different service and product offerings. It can also involve partnering with third parties, including alternative legal service providers (ALSPs).

The panel will discuss challenges that make transitioning away from selling traditional legal services difficult, and explore some successes and lessons learned from firms that are currently pursuing these strategies. It will take place at 1:45 p.m. ET today.

At the same time, Raczynski will present Back to the Future?. Raczynski, a technologist and futurist, describes his session: “Remember back when we had ‘Law Firm 2020 predictions’? In the first third of the talk, we will go ‘Back to the Future’ reviewing past predictions to see what came true and what we got wrong. Then, we will blast into a journey of what legaltech looks like in the next five years. Lastly, for those who get motion sickness, grab your Dramamine, because we will take a 1.21 gigawatts ride, shooting into the future. We will predict what the technological and legal landscape will look like in 2030, 2040, and into the Singularity! Great Scott!”

Watch a brief preview of his session here.

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