It has been a few weeks since the launch of Firm Central, the hosted practice management solution designed for small law firms, and so far the launch is a huge success. In addition to providing firms with traditional practice management features like the ability to store documents and contacts in a secure online environment, Firm Central has some truly unique features. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of these in a series of blog posts. First up, let’s focus on how Firm Central treats documents once they are uploaded.

When a user loads a document into Firm Central, not only is the original copy securely saved and available for sharing across the firm, but a special web version of the document also is created. This version of the document uses Westlaw technology to identify legal citations and add current KeyCite flags. The technology used to create the web version of the document also enables Firm Central to truly have a global search.

“By utilizing Firm Central, attorneys can KeyCite entire documents automatically without having to look up every single citation,” said Brian Mismash, director of product strategy for Firm Central. “Not only can this feature help lawyers save time, but it can also help ensure that their legal documents are always citing good law.”

So what about the global search function? Global search in Firm Central makes it really easy to find documents, matters, and contacts. When users type a query in Firm Central’s search box, they aren’t just searching the titles of saved documents; they are also searching all words contained within those documents as well. As a result, users don’t waste time trying to remember what they named a document five years ago; they can just search for a legal concept and find what they are looking for.

These features, including the addition of KeyCite flags to documents, are available to all Firm Central users, regardless of whether or not they also use WestlawNext.  Learn more by visiting


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