Thomson Reuters is incorporating generative AI capabilities enterprise-wide to provide customers with a more conversational experience, intuitive automation, time savings and a significantly improved user experience. Integrating this new technology will transform Thomson Reuters solutions and enable customers to get their work done faster.

Thomson Reuters is prioritizing its legal product suite, including Westlaw Precision, Practical Law and Drafting tools, and Legal Current is sharing a preview of what’s to come. Today we look at how generative AI will help Westlaw Precision users find answers to complex legal questions in seconds, based on proprietary, expert content.

Westlaw Precision

Integrating generative AI into Westlaw Precision is the latest in a series of product advances to improve search and expand analytics. Recent Westlaw enhancements include the 2018 rollout of Westlaw Edge, with integrated litigation analytics and AI-driven question-answering, followed by the 2019 launch of Quick Check – an AI-powered document analysis tool – on Westlaw Edge. And last year’s introduction of Westlaw Precision dramatically improved research speed and quality for legal professionals.

Chief Product Officer David Wong noted in a media briefing how this history of leveraging AI to develop industry-leading research and workflow solutions – along with the company’s $100 million investment to further integrate AI capabilities into its offerings – positions Thomson Reuters to make the most of this new technology for legal professionals.

Generative AI capabilities in Westlaw Precision will include a feature allowing users to query Westlaw Precision and quickly understand results using conversational language in a chat-type interface. Westlaw and WestSearch will still be used to retrieve and display results, but users will be able to chat with Westlaw and their Westlaw results the same way they would talk with a colleague in order to search, discuss, and understand the law.

The generative AI capabilities in Westlaw Precision will leverage the industry-leading content and search functionality on Westlaw to provide trusted, on-point results. The integration will be released later this year, and it will enable users to navigate Westlaw results faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

June 13 Webinars and Additional Insight

Legal professionals and law firms can register for a free webinar on June 13 at noon Central time for a sneak peek of the generative AI capabilities in Westlaw Precision. Paul Fischer, president of Legal Professionals, will be joined by Mike Dahn, head of Westlaw Product Management; Emily Colbert, head of Product Management, Know How and Compliance; Joel Hron, vice president of Technology; and Rawia Ashraf, vice president of Product Management. They’ll share product demos to highlight how Thomson Reuters is shaping the future of work in the legal profession.

Also, a free webinar for corporates and legal in-house teams will be held June 13 at 10 a.m. Central time. Laura Clayton McDonnell, president of Corporates, will be joined by the product leaders listed above. They will share product demos to show how Thomson Reuters is redefining the way corporate in-house legal professionals work.

Watch this demo to see generative AI in action in Westlaw Precision. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to play the video.)

Finally, visit for more on efforts to incorporate generative AI, including how Thomson Reuters is developing a new plugin with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

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