Westlaw Edge users can quickly and securely review motions, briefs or text with citations to instill more confidence in their legal research and ensure they have not missed anything important by using Westlaw Edge Quick Check.

The sophisticated artificial intelligence-based lawyer work product review and analysis tool will be available to all Westlaw Edge users beginning July 24.

Quick Check, the latest addition to the Westlaw Edge legal research suite, quickly review’s a user’s motions, briefs or other legal documents to find highly relevant authority, secondary sources and other related briefs and memoranda to ensure that Westlaw Edge users find what they may otherwise miss in traditional legal research.

“We meet regularly with customers to discuss problems and explore how to mitigate them with innovative applications of technology,” said Carol Jo Lechtenberg, director, Westlaw Product Management. “Even using our leading legal research products, legal professionals still sometimes fear there is an authority they haven’t considered in their argument or that there may be a hole in their work. The Westlaw team is always looking for opportunities to make legal research faster and more on-point, giving legal researchers more confidence that they have left no stone unturned. These efforts led to Quick Check.”

Quick Check allows users to not only perform quality checks on their own completed briefs or motions, but also examine an early draft of a brief or memo to finish research faster. Users can evaluate the work product of a colleague or outside counsel, or repurpose an old document to quickly identify the newest, most relevant authority.

Additionally, Quick Check allows Westlaw Edge users to reveal weaknesses in an opponent’s briefs or motions, reviewing whether an opponent has cited an invalid, overturned or abrogated case.

According to Khalid Al-Kofahi, vice president of Research & Development and head of the Thomson Reuters Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, Quick Check represents the next milestone on the journey of empowerment and simplification. “We’ve built Westlaw Edge Quick Check to be very sophisticated in terms of selecting which language and citations to extract from motions and briefs, and it executes several search strategies, sifts through primary and secondary law results, follows citation networks, and finds and filters by Key Numbers, courts and other data attributes. In doing so, it often considers hundreds of thousands of possibilities – far more than any researcher could go through, even if her or she had all day to do it – yet it returns a concise report of relevant material that might have been missed in a traditional research process.”

Thomson Reuters launched Westlaw Edge one year ago, touting its powerful AI, built upon more than 100 years of editorial enhancements, to drive search and next-generation analytics. Working closely with customers, several features and enhancements have been added including: Regulations Compare; Procedural Posture Filters to narrow search results to specific stages of litigation; waves of new content and tools for Litigation Analytics; KeyCite enhancements; Jurisdictional Surveys on Westlaw Edge; and additional innovations, all included in Westlaw Edge subscriptions.

Read the official announcement of Westlaw Edge Quick Check or click here to see the product.

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