CodeX FutureLaw 2016
is one of the leading conferences looking at how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession, and even the law itself. It brings together entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics, investors, policy makers, engineers and others who are spearheading the tech-driven transformation of our legal system.

The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics will host the conference in Palo Alto, Calif. on May 20.

Khalid Al-KofahiKhalid Al-Kofahi, Thomson Reuters vice president of Research, (left) will be part of a panel on IBM’s Watson and other data analytics technologies, sifting through what’s realistic, what’s marketing hype and what’s possible in the future.

David Curle, Thomson Reuters director of Market Intelligence, (below) will moderate a diverse panel – including representatives from Michigan State University of Law, the DC Legal Hackers community, Evolve Law, and the LegalX innovation hub in Canada – discussing new communities of innovators that are forming around the intersection of law and technology.David Curle

Other sessions will look at computational law, advances in e-government, and how legal technology impacts legal malpractice.  Keynotes and other speakers will examine the delivery of legal services, whether courts and law firms have been slow to embrace technology, and whether the alternative business structures taking hold in the U.K. are accelerating advancements in legal technology and the delivery of legal services.

Stay tuned to Legal Current for more from the CodeX FutureLaw 2016 conferences.

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