At Thomson Reuters, product development is driven by working closely with customers to meet their evolving needs through the application of innovative technology. The 2020 launches of Legal Data APIs, Legislative Insights on Westlaw Edge and Practical Law Global underscore our commitment to helping our customers better serve their clients.

The introduction of Thomson Reuters Legal Data APIs in January gives legal professionals the ability to integrate firm content with Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics and Practical Law data.

Artificial Lawyer asked: “Is this a big deal? Well, it certainly makes sense in terms of allowing firms that want to do more with legal data to go ahead and experiment. And it may end up making law firms’ relationships with Thomson Reuters even more sticky – as they will remain at the centre of the ‘legal data economy’.” On social media, legal tech and innovation advisor Dennis Kennedy said the launch may be “one of the biggest #legaltech stories we’ll see this year.”

In addition, Thomson Reuters further strengthened Westlaw Edge with the launch of Legislative Insights earlier this month. The new tool provides actionable data relating to proposed federal legislation.

Above the Law editor Joe Patrice noted how a tool that helps determine the odds of success for a pending proposal can have a big impact. On social media, influencer Ron Friedmann agreed that Legislative Insights “sounds cool.”

Last but not least was the rollout of Practical Law Global. As businesses of all sizes expand their global footprint, Practical Law Global helps legal professionals effectively manage global practice and procedure.

Jean O’Grady of Dewey B. Strategic noted: “Is any law firm or company immune from Brexit,  trade law or global privacy  (GDPR) issues? Thomson Reuters is responding to the growth of cross-border legal issues with the launch of the Practical Law Global which allows researchers to browse for foreign law answers by country or topic.”

These solutions were all introduced in the first six weeks of 2020, ensuring that Thomson Reuters customers can, in turn, help their clients start the year off strong.

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