This post was written by Carlos Seoane, senior director of Operations for Thomson Reuters Elite

With increasing pressure to streamline billing efficiencies and capture every single billable moment, law firms today must find any and all feasible ways to improve the workflow between lawyer and client. E-Bills need to be more efficiently generated to shorten the bill-to-payment cycle, ease the burden on billing staff, and increase billing compliance. That’s where eBillingHub can help.

We recognize this pain point for firms and have formed alliances with leading technology providers to help ease this burden and speed the bill-to-payment cycle. One of these technology providers is Bellefield Systems LLC, whose iTimeKeep solution helps with time entry for lawyers. With integration, billing guidelines sourced directly from eBillingHub are used to validate time entries in iTimeKeep instead of later in the billing process. This eliminates the hours spent by billing staff fixing invoices before they can be submitted properly. By enabling lawyers to enter validated time, law firms realize increased e-bill accuracy, time savings for the accounting and finance staff, and a faster bill-to-payment cycle.

Attending the ALA Annual Conference in Toronto? Attend the “Attorney and eBilling: Can they work together?” session on Thursday, May 22 at 11:30am in Room 714. And make sure to visit the eBillingHub at booth 913 and ask about special ALA member pricing.

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