A new survey of major corporations found significant security gaps that leave sensitive board-level information open to information theft and hacking. Those are among the findings of a new survey of board members of UK and global corporations conducted by Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Most corporations surveyed have one or more of the following potential security issues involving information provided to board members, including:

– Unencrypted board communications   (85%)
– Board documents stored on personal computers at home or work   ( 79%)
– Board documents stored on personal mobile devices   (75%)
(e.g., iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc.)
– Documents sent to board members via personal, non-commercial email addresses  (73%)
– Board documents accessible via wi-fi or unsecured networks    (71%)
– Have reported computer, mobile devices, or sensitive company documents    (10%)
lost, stolen or left in public places

A detailed copy of the report can be downloaded here

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