Legal professionals in solo and small law firms have been empowered to efficiently manage their practices on the matter-centric Firm Central since it launched this past January. Firm Central brings together all of the most important legal solutions tools for litigators, including documents and forms, calendars, legal news, task lists, access to Westlaw research, billing information, and other resources.

In an interview with Brian Mismash, director of product strategy for Small Law Firms at Thomson Reuters, we asked why managing matters is important and why customers are finding value in Firm Central. Mismash was one of the creators of Firm Central and has worked in various strategy roles within Thomson Reuters for the past 7 years.

He also describes how Firm Central aims to further its integration into relevant markets and discusses what else legal professionals can expect from Firm Central in the future. Finally, Mismash addresses what he thinks are the most exciting things about Firm Central and gives a nod to the importance of innovation in legal fields.

“The coolest thing that I think is really powerful is how we’ve taken the documents that the law firm produces, put them into our tool, and linked them back to Westlaw where there are relevant citations to underline legal authority,” says Mismash.

To watch the entire interview, click play on the video below.

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