We’re commemorating the 100-year anniversary of American Law Reports – probably best known simply as ALR – and we look forward to celebrating at the 2019 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting & Conference.

With its first article published in 1919, ALR has been frequently cited by the courts for a century. It publishes a continuing series of articles that collect, organize and evaluate all case law relevant to a specific point of law or fact situation – with analysis of cases from all U.S. jurisdictions, including unpublished decisions.

For 100 years, ALR has served as a valuable time-saving tool that enables fast and accurate research. It eliminates the need to read through hundreds of cases by providing analysis that allows users to quickly research any issue.

Now, ALR is updated daily on Westlaw. Daily updates consist of new case headnotes that are allocated to relevant annotations in each series. In addition, new articles are published to Westlaw on a regular basis and are available on Westlaw in advance of print.

The numbers demonstrate how ALR has long served as a critical resource for our justice system:

  • It has earned more than 3,000 citations from the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • ALR was cited as early as 1921, just two years after its first article was published.
  • In 2019, it has already been cited more than 200 times.

At the AALL annual meeting, we will celebrate with a toast to 100 years of excellence and a presentation showcasing 100 years of ALR history. We look forward to honoring this enduring legacy with our customers in Washington, D.C.

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