This post was written by Robert Mccorquodale, marketing executive in the Legal UKI business of Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the strategic partner to the Global Law Summit, held this week in London to mark 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta. The event celebrates the history of this important document and its impact on the rule of law, and how innovation will drive the legal industry forward, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase the heritage of Thomson Reuters Legal UKI as an innovative legal business.

We created an interactive timeline to show how our legal solutions have developed over the last 200 years, and the key developments they have brought that have changed the way legal practitioners go about their work. Some of the key milestones include:

  • Sweet & Maxwell setting up shop
  • John B. West begins publishing court decisions, rapidly speeding up access to case law
  • West indexes all U.S. laws, creating a code still in use today
  • Westlaw and Lawtel computerized databases first launch
  • PLC Magazine marks the birth of legal know how
  • Court Management Solutions begin transforming the UK courts

The timeline can be found on the Global Law Summit micro-site, along with a range of exclusive content from Summit speakers and industry commentators.


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