In honor of Earth Week, Thomson Reuters launched Youth Perspectives, a new sub-site of the Thomson Reuters Sustainability site featuring observations from environmentally-conscious young people across the globe.

Legal Current will regularly feature stories from Youth Perspectives that offer unique insights on sustainability, particularly where it intersects the law or human rights issues.

This week, we feature a letter written by Merculine Maoncha Rabera, a young Kenyan woman who addresses her government on climate change.

She writes:

“To secure a future for our nation and our children now is the time to set a new and positive direction for our national energy policy. We need policies that will lead our nation away from fossil based fuels.

…I understand that focusing on climate change is just one of many issues during these challenging times. However, we cannot wait until tomorrow. We must take strong action now to address the daunting issues that climate change poses.”

Her voice, like so many others on Youth Perspectives, is one of leadership and optimism, and the force of her strong position is inspired by her concern for her country, its people and the “future of our children.”

For more youth voices on sustainability, please visit Youth Perspectives.

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