Workflow and process automation make a measurable difference in terms of both efficiency and client service for legal professionals by turning time-consuming, repetitive tasks into automated, intelligent processes.

Thomson Reuters HighQ automates and streamlines matter and legal service intake, client onboarding, self-service document assembly, contract reviews, post-transaction reviews and additional processes.

Users can easily make tedious, manual processes obsolete and in turn, focus on delivering higher-value work and superior service to clients.

HighQ allows users to quickly build no-code workflow capabilities using rules that look for conditions in data and documents that automatically create tasks, events, documents and folders; send custom emails; update data records; and move, copy or delete files.

For example, using the ‘if this, then that’ no-coding approach, a file can be added to a specific folder, then HighQ automatically creates a task, attaches the file to that task, and assigns it to a particular lawyer for review.

HighQ also offers more advanced workflow possibilities, using AI-enhanced and additional data to generate custom emails with information from a database record, create an event using a dynamic date value as the deadline, or use document automation to produce an NDA. Simple rules can be combined to create complex, multifaceted workflows that automate activities throughout the entire life cycle of a matter or project, thus creating transformational solutions.

To find out more about how workflow automation and other key features of Thomson Reuters HighQ can enhance a law firm or legal team’s work, click here.

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