Legal technology tools abound; however, no single application satisfies all parties. Law firms, corporate legal and government agencies are continually seeking tools to deliver richer, more dynamic intelligent environments for users within their workflow.

A major “need” is customizing these applications and tailoring specific content to align with a practice group, division or department. Through true personalized integration, legal practitioners can focus on the task at hand rather than tinkering with the tool.

Thomson Reuters has a growing list of legal products with Web parts, which provide pointed, personalized information integration in a portal, while deeper levels of true customization of our products and services also exist. Ultimately, the key is for developers to foster innovative, flexible solutions to correspond with ever-evolving user workflow.

I’ve written the following white paper, West Points of Customization Integration, to explain how you can use current Web parts and other customized integration to best position your legal department for success.

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