We’re sharing highlights from last week’s ILTACON conference, which as Bob Ambrogi reported on LawSites, saw record-breaking attendance. Notable ILTACON sessions included What’s New in Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for Legal hosted by Justin Farmer, Thomson Reuters director of Product Management, along with Serena Wellen and Ragav Jagannathan.

Their session focused on how smart speakers and virtual assistants like Alexa are changing how attorneys interact with technology, as well as the associated privacy and security concerns. Also, Farmer explained how Thomson Reuters is partnering with customers to help solve their problems around time management and to determine how cognitive computing can help with their professional lives.

During the session, Farmer shared three highlights about the impact of virtual assistants, cognitive computing and AI in the legal space:

  • Virtual-assistant technology has many benefits when performing simple tasks and can bridge gaps in accessibility for those unable to access screen-enabled user experiences, such as the visually impaired.
  • Applicability to the business application is still challenging based on security concerns. For example, listening devices can create concerns for those discussing confidential matters.
  • We believe that, in working with our customers, cognitive computing and AI will provide the best opportunity to advance these platforms’ ability to solve business problems. Conversational AI will allow us to drive action through insights founded on data generated and available through our collective sources.

Farmer also discussed how Thomson Reuters collaborated with Amazon on the Alexa platform to build a time and billing skill, and to determine how to work with this new technology. He also shared how Thomson Reuters built prototypes internally and allowed customers to work with the technology.

Watch Legal Current for more ILTACON session highlights and recaps.

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