I am so excited to be here at AALL introducing WestlawNext Patron Access because we have been working with librarians throughout the development process. They have helped us understand what is important, where patrons struggle with research and the breadth of challenges facing libraries today. Their insight has been invaluable, and I am thrilled for them to see firsthand how we have incorporated it into the product.

We met with our Patron Access Advisory Council to thank them for being our sounding board and hear their feedback on the final product. They were appreciative that we truly listened to them when designing WestlawNext Patron Access. One trend they have seen is a dramatic increase in pro se patrons, so they are continually looking for new solutions that help both skilled attorneys and those without a legal background find the answers they need. I have heard this from many librarians, and have been told libraries are looking for something like WestlawNext Patron Access right now. And I can tell by the amazing response to our presentations – they have been standing room only! – that many librarians share the same sentiment.

WestlawNext Patron Access is only the beginning of new solutions for libraries, but I am encouraged that people are confident that this will help their patrons do better research.

If you’re at AALL, stop by the Thomson Reuters booth to learn more about WestlawNext Patron Access. You can get a demo at anytime at one of our six workstations. And you can attend presentations, which are scheduled throughout the day. Just get a schedule at the Thomson Reuters registration desk. If you can’t be at AALL, visit our website to learn more.

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