Jason Wilson, legal blogger and vice president, Jones McClure Publishing, discusses WestlawNext vs. Westlaw Classic search models in Part II of his interview with Mike Dahn, senior vice president, WestlawNext Marketing and New Initiative Development at Thomson Reuters.

Wilson asks Dahn to respond to questions raised in recent articles and online posts. For instance, they explore whether WestlawNext pricing may discourage some researchers from opening and skimming portions of numerous documents, compared to a user of Westlaw Classic.

Dahn said, “…in Westlaw Classic, each additional search costs more, so we often see researchers limiting the number of content sets they search in, which typically means that cases and statutes will be searched and many secondary sources will be ignored. Since WestlawNext aggregates multiple content sets under a single low search price, researchers should be more likely to browse content beyond cases and statutes – which is exactly what we see in our usage logs. In WestlawNext, secondary source usage as a percentage of total usage is up 50% over the ratios we see in Westlaw Classic. We think that’s a very good thing for researchers.”

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