“This is legal nerd stuff, but Westlaw has a new KeyCite flag between Yellow and Red and it’s exciting.” Above the Law Editor Joe Patrice’s tweet about KeyCite Overruled in Part fueled some of the buzz over the new features in Westlaw Precision.

Legal Current is taking a closer look at the six new research capabilities in Westlaw Precision, which dramatically improves research speed and quality by enabling legal professionals to target precisely what they are looking for. Today we highlight KeyCite Overruled in Part and KeyCite Cited With, which AALL’s CRIV Blog called out as “noteworthy additions.”

KeyCite Overruled in Part indicates – via a red-striped flag – that a case has been overruled in part and enables navigation directly to the language in the case discussing the point of law that has been overruled. AALL’s CRIV Blog noted: “It could solve a lot of problems in the new attorney’s understanding of what a red flag really means.”

Westlaw Precision red-striped flag

A new red-striped flag in Westlaw Precision indicates that a case has been overruled in part.

Working on KeyCite Overruled in Part was a product-development highlight for Travis Denneson, senior product manager, Westlaw Product Management, who contributed to the launch.

“It provides the long sought-after ability to identify the specific points of law that have been invalidated in overruled cases and sets those cases apart with a new, red-striped flag,” Denneson said. “Legal researchers can now quickly and confidently determine whether an overruled case can be relied on for other legal grounds and do so without the stigma of a solid red flag. This is something legal researchers have been wanting for years, and I’m thrilled that we’re the first to deliver this major innovation as part of the next generation of KeyCite included with Westlaw Precision.”

Expanded KeyCite functionality also includes KeyCite Cited With, which shows related cases that have a pattern of being cited together even if neither cites the other. It’s a favorite feature for Erik Lindberg, senior director Product Management, Westlaw, who helped lead product development.

“KeyCite Cited With is a new feature that I am confident lawyers will use all the time,” Lindberg said. “It lets you go from one good case directly to other cases that have frequently been cited together with your initial good case in other judicial decisions, even if they don’t cite to each other or share the same Key Number. It’s a super intuitive and quick way to round out your research and review other highly relevant cases that often were hard to find with traditional approaches.”

Visit Westlaw Precision to learn more about new KeyCite functionality, and watch Legal Current for in-depth looks at additional Westlaw Precision features.

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