Drafting case documents is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for litigators. Westlaw Litigator has now added Westlaw Drafting Assistant, which combines research, analysis, templates, drafting tools and more to help attorneys create high-quality legal case documents more efficiently.

Westlaw Drafting Assistant provides seamless drafting, research, and analysis, so locating information, authority, and research won’t interrupt the rhythm of drafting. Information and saved research can be accessed from multiple sources – including West Case Notebook files, Westlaw and internal knowledge management systems – all from within your word processor, as you write.

In a brief video interview, Allison Guidette, vice president and general manager, Litigation, talks about how Westlaw Drafting Assistant helps litigators be more efficient in producing quality work product, and is a key part of Westlaw Litigator’s comprehensive set of integrated tools, services and content for litigators.

To learn more about Drafting Assistant, you can read the news release.

To learn more about Westlaw Litigator, click here.

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