Litigators deal with a lot of information, often scattered across different databases and computer systems.  The Westlaw Litigator suite of tools gives litigators a set of integrated tools that pulls key case information across various sources and integrates it into their case preparation workflow.

As an example, Westlaw CaseLogistix 5.3 & West Case Notebook 2.5 were recently launched, combining e-discovery document review with case analysis.  New integration between the two tools allows litigators to easily send e-discovery documents into West Case Notebook where they can be viewed alongside other key case documents, such as transcripts, briefs, pleadings and legal research, speeding up case preparation.

Allison Guidette, vice president and general manager, Litigation, discusses how Westlaw Litigator helps litigators perform their work efficiently.

For more information on Westlaw Litigator, go here.

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